Is fertilizing trees, shrubs, and hedges really effective?

The answer is yes! Here’s why your hedges, trees, and shrubs benefit.

Your hedges, trees, and/or shrubs behave similarly to your lawn. Their needs in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are slightly different, but still present. After our certified technicians apply our fertilizers, the following benefits will be noticed:

  • Increase in foliage density
  • Improvement in foliage color
  • Resistance to various stresses (heat, lack of water, diseases, etc.)
  • Better rooting

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The benefits of fertilizing hedges, trees, and shrubs


Better blooming

Our fertilizers, specially selected for your trees, hedges, and shrubs, will bolster blooming thanks to the high nitrogen content found in this range of fertilizers.


Higher density

Over time, our treatments allow you to fill in some of the holes in your hedges. Since our fertilizers accelerate photosynthesis, your trees, hedges, and shrubs will grow faster.


Better resistance

Many problems can occur during the season, especially related to heat and insects. Tree, hedge, and shrub fertilization helps them to protect themselves against multiple scourges that may come to pass.

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Did you know that cVert offers its tree, hedge and shrub fertilization services in most regions of Quebec? Trois-Rivières, Centre-du-Québec, Montreal, Gatineau, Quebec City, North Shore of Montreal, South Shore of Montreal, Sherbrooke.

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