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We offer a turnkey sod installation service so you can enjoy a stress-free summer

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A new yard in 6 steps thanks to our sod installation service


01 – Free quote

We will come to your home to offer advice and propose a personalized price. Our experts will be able to answer all your questions regarding the sod installation process, which involves the laying of rolls of turfgrass onto the soil.


02 – Work schedule planning

Once the contract is signed, we will propose a schedule so that you can plan your summer. Don’t worry, we take care of everything! Trust our sod installation experts for your landscaping project!


03 – Site preparation for sod installation

Our team will come to your home to prepare the site for the turfgrass installation. If necessary, we will treat certain harmful insects to maximize the results and improve rooting in your new lawn.


04 – Sod installation

This is the step you’ve been waiting for! We cover the soil with our premium quality sod to revitalize the look of your home. Guaranteed to delight!


05 – Watering the sod

Since we work with living things, water is an essential element to ensure proper rooting, just like most plants. We will offer you advice on the best practices in terms of watering your new sod as well as adding soil and fertilizers for a lavish lawn.


06 – Enjoy your yard

You can now enjoy your yard and find your outer peace. After two lockdowns, it’s time to get out of the house and have fun!

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Our advantages in sod and turfgrass installation


High quality topdressing

We apply as needed a weed-free, nutrient-rich mixture of soil and organic matter to maximize the results.


The best turfgrass in Quebec

Stop looking, we work in partnership with Groupe Richer, the largest turfgrass company in Quebec!


Unlimited quantities

Thanks to our large purchasing volume, we are given priority on our turfgrass orders which allows us to serve all our customers. Avoid surprises typical of small companies by choosing cVert.


Root booster application

For your new lawn to better attach to the soil, we will apply a rooting agent which will stimulate the sod’s root system.


Unlimited service calls

As experts in lawn treatment and sod installation, we offer service calls for certain lawn insects to avoid any losses to your new investment. We are the only company in Quebec to offer this guarantee.


A real guarantee of satisfaction

We offer a satisfaction guarantee to all our customers. If you follow our instructions but your lawn does not take, we take care of addressing the situation. Our reputation and your satisfaction are more important than anything.

Join the best company in Quebec in lawn care and sod installation according to Consumer Choice Award

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