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Lawn treatment

We offer 3 different lawn treatment packages. The packages include:

  • 4 fertilizer applications during the summer
  • Weed control service with guarantee
  • Lawn aeration
  • Soil amendment
  • Overseeding
  • And several others
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Insect control treatment

We treat any desired area on your home as well as any structures surrounding it:

  • Window frames, paving stones, foundation, etc.
  • Spider control treatment
  • Earwig control treatment
  • Ant control treatment
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A la carte services

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Lawn aeration

cVert offers a fall lawn aeration service. Here is why it is important to aerate your lawn:

  • Improved root system
  • Loosening of compacted soil
  • Better water infiltration
  • Better air infiltration
  • Better mineral infiltration
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Soil amendment

Soil amendment is the application of lime or sulfur to control the acidity or basicity of your soil. Soils in Quebec are known to be very acidic, thereby affecting the availability of nutrients for the plant which ends up absorbing less. Here is why you should trust cVert for your soil amendment:

  • Increases magnesium and calcium intake
  • Controls the pH of acidic soils
  • Improves lawn growth
  • Improves soil structure and stability
  • Prevents weeds from growing back
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White grub treatment

Each summer, white grubs become more and more present in Quebec soils and cause significant ravages to numerous properties. Fortunately, cVert can prevent damages from occurring by applying high-performance products to your lawn. In June-July, our cVert technicians treat your lawn for white grubs as a preventive measure to avoid costly re-turfing bills.

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Hedge, tree and shrub fertilization

You may not be aware, but fertilizing your trees and shrubs is very beneficial. In the spring, our cVert technicians fertilize your hedges, trees, and shrubs using nutrient-rich fertilizers. Here is why you should take advantage of this service:

  • Enhances general health
  • Improves growth
  • Increases resistance to insect damage
  • Improves vigor and aesthetics
  • Intensifies the dark green color of the foliage
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