We invest 2.5x more in our lawn care products than the competition

Are you facing one of the following 3 situations?


Poor results

You treat your lawn and the results are not to your satisfaction.



You hired a company and the results are not up to your expectations.


Need a guide

You are simply confused about how to take care of your lawn and need expert advice.

Here at cVert, we apply golf course-quality products

Don’t wait any longer!

What you need to be satisfied with your lawn:


Lawn care products used by cVert


Granular fertilizer

  • Ecological fertilizers.
  • Granular fertilizers that provide a slow release over 16 weeks.
  • Spring fertilizer with green booster. A fertilizer with a higher amount of fast-releasing nitrogen to bring the grass out of its winter dormancy.
  • No risk of burning thanks to the Mesa technology.
  • 2.5 times more nitrogen than the competition. A fertilizer with a lot of nitrogen promotes photosynthesis as well as growth. The grass becomes greener and denser.

Soil amendment

  • Soils in Quebec are generally very acidic. Acidic soil is often synonymous with weeds.
  • Soil amendment allows to rebalance the soil’s pH whether it is acid or basic. cVert technicians will do the pH test for you and advise you of the health of your soil.
  • When soil is acidic, we suggest spreading lime on it, which will counteract the effect of the acidity.
  • When soil is basic, we suggest spreading on it, which will counteract the effect of the basicity.


  • Our summer granular fertilizers are always supplemented with iron.
  • The iron brings a uniform green coloration to the lawn. It also bolsters the density of your lawn.

cVert grass seeds

  • cVert grass seeds have been specially designed by our agronomists to meet the requirements of soils in Quebec.
  • Greater tolerance to stresses: heat, cold, disease, and insects.
  • Optimal mix of different grass varieties.
image des herbicides utilisé C-vert


  • Regulatory herbicides that comply with the regulations in force in each of the municipalities served.
  • Weed control in just a few weeks.
  • Low to no impact on the environment.
image des insecticides utilisé C-vert


  • Regulatory insecticides that comply with the regulations in force in each of the municipalities served.
  • Use of insecticides with repellent effect.
  • Long-term effect according to climate variations.
  • Low to no impact on the environment.

Discover all our services for a healthy and green lawn : lawn treatment, lawn aeration, insect control treatment, soil amendment, white grub treatment and tree, hedge and shrub fertilization.

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