How Much Does Lawn Maintenance Cost in Quebec?

Taking care of a lawn in Quebec is a bit like juggling with the seasons: you need to adapt your care to the changing rhythm of the weather to maintain a healthy green space throughout the year! Between regular mowing, aeration, treatment against white grubs, overseeding, and other cultural practices necessary to keep a lawn healthy, expenses can quickly add up. In this article, we explain the costs associated with lawn maintenance in Quebec.

Why is lawn maintenance important?

Lawn maintenance is crucial not only for aesthetic reasons, ensuring an attractive and welcoming outdoor space, but also for environmental health and the value of your property. A well-maintained lawn prevents soil erosion, improves air quality by capturing dust particles and pollutants, and plays a vital role in supporting biodiversity by providing a habitat for many living organisms.

Moreover, a well-groomed lawn contributes to the thermal regulation of your environment by reducing extreme temperatures during the summer months. Economically, a healthy and attractive lawn can significantly increase the resale value of your property, making a positive first impression on potential buyers. Therefore, investing in the regular maintenance of your lawn is a wise choice that goes beyond mere appearance, positively impacting your environment and your wallet.

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What are the different types of lawn maintenance services?

Before explaining the cost associated with lawn maintenance services, it is important to understand that a garden maintenance contract may encompass different types of treatments according to your needs.

Lawn treatment

Lawn treatment encompasses a series of specific care aimed at improving the health, density, and aesthetics of your lawn. This may include the application of fertilizers to nourish the grass, weed control, and treatment of certain diseases that can cause spots and damage to the foliage. Maintenance companies assess the specific needs of your lawn to apply the most suitable products, ensuring healthy and vigorous growth.

Insect treatment

This service aims to protect the lawn from damage caused by harmful insects, such as ants, spiders, and earwigs. By precisely identifying the type of insects and the level of infestation, specialists can apply targeted treatments that eliminate pests while minimizing the impact on beneficial organisms and the environment. This intervention helps preserve the health of the lawn and avoid significant damage that would require expensive repairs.

Lawn aeration

Aeration is a process that involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate more easily into the grass roots. There is also an alternative liquid aeration technique, which allows soil compaction to be relieved using a specific solution, without risking damage to your underground devices. 

Regardless of the technique used, aeration improves soil structure, reduces compaction, and promotes a deeper and healthier root system. Aeration is particularly beneficial in spring or fall and is essential for maintaining a dense and resilient lawn against environmental stress.

Soil amendment

Amending the soil involves adding materials, such as compost or lime, to improve its quality and fertility. This practice is crucial when the soil is poor, compacted, or unbalanced in terms of pH. By enriching the soil, better grass growth is promoted, disease resistance is increased, and watering and fertilization needs are reduced. Well-amended soil is the basis of a healthy and vigorous lawn.

White grub treatment

White grub infestations can cause considerable damage to a lawn by feeding on the grass roots. White grub treatment involves applying specific biological or chemical products to eliminate these harmful larvae. Specialists can determine the best time to apply these treatments (usually early summer) to intercept the life cycle of these insects and minimize their impact on the lawn.

Hedge fertilization

Hedge fertilization is a specialized service aimed at nourishing these ornamental plants, essential for the aesthetics and structure of the garden. Proper fertilization supports vigorous hedge growth, strengthens their resistance to diseases and pests, and improves their ability to tolerate climatic stress. This service is often customized according to the type of hedges and their specific nutritional needs, ensuring optimal development throughout the year.

Each of these services plays an important role in maintaining a green space as healthy as it is attractive, contributing to the aesthetic and ecological value of your property.

What is the cost of lawn maintenance services?

The cost of lawn maintenance services in Quebec can vary widely depending on several factors, such as property size, the type of services required, and the frequency of maintenance. In general, prices for maintaining a healthy lawn can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per season, integrating various care from regular mowing to more specific interventions such as aeration, fertilization, or pest treatment.

Seasonal maintenance, which adapts care to the lawn’s needs according to the seasons, is necessary to ensure the vigor and beauty of your lawn throughout the year. For homeowners, it is important to budget for the specific needs of their lawns, considering both one-time interventions and regular care needed to keep their lawns healthy.

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What factors influence the cost of outdoor maintenance?

Several factors can influence the cost of outdoor maintenance, making each situation unique. Here are the main elements to consider:

  • Property size: Logically, the larger the area to be maintained, the higher the cost. Large spaces require more time, effort, and equipment, whether for fertilization, aeration, or treatment against pests.
  • Level of maintenance: The specific needs of your land also influence the cost. Simple fertilization will be less expensive than a more specific service such as aeration, treatment of crabgrass, or treatment of harmful insects. More technical interventions require more specific expertise and can therefore increase the overall price.
  • Frequency of maintenance: Regular and preventive maintenance may be more economical in the long run, avoiding the high costs associated with repairing damage or treating advanced infestations. The frequency of visits (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) plays a significant role in calculating the total cost.
  • Geographical location: Climate conditions and soil type vary from one region to another, requiring adapted care and treatments that can increase expenses. In addition, labor costs and the availability of maintenance services may differ significantly depending on geographical areas.
  • Current state of the outdoor space: A lawn or garden requiring intensive treatments to regain its health will have a higher initial maintenance cost than one that is already well maintained.
  • Accessibility and complexity of the terrain: Difficult-to-access areas or terrain with steep slopes, obstacles, or special features (such as bodies of water or flower beds) can complicate maintenance and increase costs.
  • Materials and products used: The use of eco-friendly or specialized products can influence the price. Although these options are often more environmentally friendly and better for the health of the soil and plants, they can sometimes be more expensive than conventional solutions.
  • Specialized labor: The expertise and qualification of professionals hired for outdoor maintenance can also impact the cost. Certified specialists or reputable companies may charge more, but generally offer higher quality services and greater reliability.

Taking these factors into account will help you establish a realistic budget for maintaining your outdoor space and choose the services that best suit your needs and expectations.

Why is it better to hire professionals for lawn maintenance?

Hiring professionals has multiple advantages, starting with access to specialized equipment,a personalized approach, and in-depth expertise on different types of soil and the specific needs of your land. Professionals not only have the necessary tools to perform effective and precise work, but they also have a thorough understanding of the specific characteristics of each type of grass. This knowledge allows them to adjust their methods and application of treatments to achieve the best possible results.

The experience and skills of lawn maintenance professionals are particularly valuable when it comes to diagnosing and solving complex problems, such as insect infestations or lawn diseases. Their ability to quickly identify the cause of a problem and apply the best treatments can save your lawn from irreversible damage. Moreover, professional gardeners or maintenance companies often offer specialized services, such as aeration, fertilization, weed control, and more, freeing you from the need to manage multiple providers.

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When to perform lawn maintenance in Quebec?

In Quebec, lawn maintenance is organized around distinct seasons, requiring careful planning to ensure its health and beauty throughout the year. Starting from early spring, it is advisable to contact a maintenance contractor to prepare the lawn after winter, a basic service that may include cleaning the area, aeration, and the first mowing.

Summer requires regular follow-up in terms of watering, fertilization, and treatment of weeds and harmful insects. In autumn, services focus on preparing for winter, including aeration and closing the area, which often involves leaf removal.

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