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Keep Your Grass Healthy with Our Lawn Treatment Expertise

Lawn care involves a number of practices designed to maintain and improve the health, appearance and quality of a lawn. These practices include weed control, fertilizer application, insects control, lawn aeration and the application of lime (or soil amendment). Each of these tasks plays a crucial role in creating and maintaining a dense, green and healthy lawn!


Our teams ensure to use products that are effective, safe, and environmentally friendly for quality lawn treatment service. You can just say goodbye to weeds and pests!

  1. Weed treatment: we eliminate or prevent tough weeds that compete with the lawn for nutrients and light. Our teams treat unwanted plants with selective herbicides: these destroy your weeds without affecting your lawn!
  2. Application of lawn fertilizers and nutrients: our experts provide your lawn with a dose of essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to promote lawn growth and give your grass its beautiful green color.
  3. Insect control treatment: our technicians work to protect your lawn from pests such as lawn bugs and sod webworms. If left untreated, these undesirable insects can cause considerable damage to your lawn.
  4. White grub treatment: our teams treat white grubs to prevent them from damaging your lawn by feeding on its roots. Every year, our agronomists determine the best time to treat them effectively!
  5. Lawn aeration: aeration reduces soil compaction, improving the absorption of water, air and nutrients by the roots. Choose a dense, healthy lawn!
  6. Lime application (also called soil amendment): Did you know that the decomposition of organic matter (leaves, small insects, etc.) amplifies soil acidity? Applying lime corrects this soil acidity, allowing roots to strengthen and grass to become greener.

Regular maintenance is the backbone of a beautiful lawn, encompassing everything from mowing with a sharp lawn mower blade to ensuring well-watered lawns through efficient water-saving irrigation systems. Our professional lawn care services include strategies for drought-tolerant, vibrant lawns that resist diseases, pests, and mosses. Preparing your lawn for summer and ensuring it remains lush and green involves a combination of high-quality products, expert knowledge, and the perfect timing of lawn care activities.

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The varied climate conditions and different city regulations in Quebec require a personalized approach to lawn maintenance. We understand that each lawn is unique: soil type, shading conditions, types of grass, and specific problems such as weeds or winter damage. Our team can develop a customized plan to ensure the health and beauty of your green space.

The frequency of treatment varies with soil and grass type, from cool-season grasses to warm-season grasses, and depends on the specific needs of your lawn, including watering, fertilization, and pest control requirements.

Generally, it is advised to fertilize four times a year, in spring, summer, and fall, to coincide with the best germination and growth periods. Pest and weed treatments should be applied as needed, taking into account periods of drought and rainfall. Our grass experts recommend a tailored approach that suits your lawn’s unique conditions, ensuring a vibrant lawn throughout all seasons.

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Maintaining a healthy lawn can sometimes be challenging: identifying and quickly treating common problems is essential to preserve the health and aesthetics of your grass. Diseases and deficiencies can manifest in various ways on your lawn.

  • Brown or yellow patches: often caused by a lack of water or inadequate fertilization, these patches indicate an urgent need for care. It is important to properly identify the cause of these patches to treat the problem at its source. Our teams are here for that!
  • Sparse lawn: a sparse lawn can result from poor topsoil quality, inadequate watering, or soil compaction. Through core aeration, the application of top-quality topsoil, and the right fertilization strategy, we can enhance the density and health of your lawn.
  • Moss: the presence of moss indicates issues with drainage, soil acidity, or water conservation. Our soil amendment services and water-saving strategies can help reduce moss growth, promoting a healthier lawn environment.

Lawn mowing is a maintenance technique that’s as simple as it is indispensable for a beautiful, dense and long-lasting lawn! But mowing is more than just a question of aesthetics: it has a significant influence on the health of your lawn.

  • Cutting height: a parameter not to be neglected! Maintain a cutting height suited to your type of lawn. A general rule is to cut no more than a third of the height of the grass at each mowing.
  • Sharp blades: always use sharp blades for a clean cut, avoiding stress and damage to the grass.
  • Variation of mowing patterns: change the direction of mowing each time to avoid compacting the soil and stressing the same areas for uniform growth.

No, our services do not include lawn mowing. We focus on specialized lawn care, such as weed treatment, fertilizer application, insect control, soil aeration and lime application for vigorous lawn growth. These services are essential for maintaining a healthy, attractive lawn, while mowing is usually the responsibility of the homeowner.

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